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The Photo Galleries web site for the Turning Club has evolved over the last two years. This blog details how it got to its current state of evolution.   I’m sure that it will be mainly of interest to those who are thinking of doing something similar…

Feeding Chickens

Tino DeJesus’ mum lent him an old toy like this.  Tino built one and has kindly provided construction details. The toy is for ages 2-92.  

Creating a Segmented Shape – Colin Brown’s method

Colin Brown has brought many examples of segmented bowls, vases and bud vases. He has kindly provided details of the process used to complete these pieces.  Details include the initial preparation of the Requirements, the calculations involved together with prepared tables, and finally the layout of the jig to assemble the piece.

Gallery Above

Until now if you were looking at one of the galleries for, say 2009-2010, if you press the “Galleries” button it returned you to the top level – all of the big groups. If you had wanted to look at a different gallery for 2009 you would have to go down the options until you […]

Spiral Form Basket

The spiral form basket shows what can be done with a piece of 12mm plywood and a jig saw – and lots of care. The flat form of the baskets shows how it made.  A spiral has been created, starting in the centre of the basket – its base. The separation between the rings of […]

Colourful Art Form Vase by Allen Atkins

The procedure used by Allen to create this beautiful piece of Artwork was: Create the outer shape of the vase – do not hollow it as this stage – the strength of the core is needed. Use a hacksaw to make two cuts for the length of the fold/crease/overlap along the vase. Use carving tools […]

Test Post for Links of Interest

Links of Interest Info re Iridescent paints Visit the Mick Hanbury web site – For the Gary Rance web site click on the link (watch the skew chisel demo) – Demo of the Robert Sorby Spiralling Tool Stuart E Dyas book – Classic Forms Decorating Elf  

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