Another update – Backlight 2

This entails another major revamp of the website but re-using the templates from Backlight 1. The major change is that Backlight 2 is able to create Album and Album sets internally. Previously these were created using Lightroom Classic – and this remains an option as most of the existing Albums have been created using Lightroom […]

Introducing – Backlight (Pandolin)

TheTurningGate (TTG) has introduced a new and very modular system to update the software which has been in service on this website for several years (with updates). The new software is called Backlight and major releases are given animal names. Pangolin is the 2nd release. Backlight is an add-on to Adobe Lightroom. The replacement system […]

Software update

Another round of updates has now been completed. These are mainly maintenance upgrades which have little visible impact – after an initial hiccup or two! Some Audio/Visual shows have been added under the Video Links tab. These are experimental – testing for possible future use. The Search facility has had some work done and repeat […]

Site Rebuild – updated – and again

At last … The problem with Search has now been resolved and it is working. Search looks at the “metadata” – all of the stuff stored with your photos like title, exposure, camera information  etc etc plus Keywords which I add in to help sort and identify things of interest in a photo.   There […]

Web Site re-build

Several months ago work started on the development of new software used to run this site. (a Photoshop Lightroom plug-in module set developed by The TurningGate CE4). With the trend towards mobile and tablet devices the new software “makes it all better than it is now”. All of the modules have now been completed and […]

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