The Contributors

This page identifies those who have recently brought pieces and put them on display for others to admire (or offer advice).

The current galleries/albums show the pieces they have created.

A small number of members bring a piece for display at most meetings.

Roy Boulton and Alan Atkins are our "Resident Demonstrators". Recently - a number of members have also given demonstrations - Tino DeJesus, Bill Foster, Graham Jones, and Robert Bullard

The Search facility

Press the Search button in the main menu and enter the name of a person, a type of wood, or an item of interest - e.g piercing, colouring, iridescent paint, or marbling.

Use "straight quotes" around a name e.g. "Kate Millard" or "brown oak".

This will then give a (long) list of folders which contain the Search subject followed by a thumbnail display of the images (often several pages).


Welcome to those visiting for the first time.

Several new members brought pieces for showing.