Feeding Chickens

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Tino DeJesus’ mum lent him an old toy like this.  Tino built one and has kindly provided construction details.

The toy is for ages 2-92.


Chicken Heads

  •  Make from a block 40x40x50mm
  •  Note the grain of wood along the head
  •  Saw the head profile along the block
  •  Cut each head 5 to 8mm thick
  •  Drill 2mm hole diagonally across the back of the neck for the string

Sand, paint and polish to finish

Turning the Chicken Bodies

  •  Make from 4 blocks 40x40x100mm
  •  Turn to below dimensions

Finishing the Chicken Bodies

  •  Holding the body in Gripper Vice
  •  Bandsaw the tail and neck slot
  •  Sand, paint and polish to finish


    •  Drill a clearance hole through one side of turned neck and the base of the head. So when you use a nail to fix the head to the body the head section moves freely.
    •  Drill a hole to fit a dowel on the base if the body. This will be used to fix chicken to the packing board.



    Packing Board

    •  The important dimension of this board is the radius for fix the chickens. The chickens need to be spaced apart so that the heads don’t clash when they are operated. For my board this was a radius of 70mm.
    •  Drill the dowel hols through board on this radius to fix the Chickens.
    •  Then there needs to be large hols just under the neck of the chickens for the string to pass through. I made these hole 20mm diameter.



    Have Fun…


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