480 - Turning Club - Colouring theme

The surprise of the week was when Christine Greaves brought along her Olympic Torch - she was selected as a Torch Bearer for her Charity Fund Raising activities.

The Colouring theme was well supported with an assortment of Bud Vases, a Vase and Spinning Tops.

A wide variety of other pieces includes - Lidded Boxes, Plates, Bowls, Metal Gilding, a Ring Puzzle Box, a Long Stemmed Goblet with Captive Ring, a Magnifying Glass and a Tear Drop.

Congratulations to new turner Geoff who created a Lidded Box in Oak - he took delivery of his first lathe just a week ago.

Allen Atkins demonstrated, and let members try, the Chattertool and Decorating Elf for texturing and the Spiraling tool. He then demonstrated turning a hollow form vessel.

Roy Boulton demonstrated turning a Bud Vase from an old skittle, a deep plate/bowl with beading, and a light pull. His "samples box" included many items to inspire ...

The theme for next week - Anything You Like.