435 - Turning Club - "Needle Case" theme.

After depressing weather for ages a few days in the mid/upper 20's centrigrade has diverted many towards "Gardening Duty..."

Two "Needle Cases" were brought for display and Roy Boulton demonstrated making one in Blackwood, with a threaded lid.

John Johnson demonstrated progress with an Elm bowl on a Yew plinth - this has a black resin rim with Yew inlays. Tina Dejesus created a twin recess bowl plus a sphere and Terry Thomas created a deep bowl in Spalted Walnut.

Bill Foster brought an attractive display piece in Bubinga, Yew and Sycamore - something like a Trumpet Plant?

Allen Atkins brought a ribbed box with lid, two spheres which have now been finished, and demonstrated making a ribbed bowl plus a Yew Bud Vase.

Roy meanwhile, showed again how to chase threads, turn a sphere and created a Goblet with a nine inch stem - the challenge enhanced by two knots in the stem...

The theme for next week will be to make a "Whistle".