430 - Turning Club - Three Corner Platter theme.

There were a number of examples of Three Corner and Winged pieces - dishes, bowls, lidded boxes and even an attempt at a winged hollow form vessel in pine (too soft).

Following on from last week's demo there were several spheres shown. This was followed up with demos by both Roy Boulton and Allen Atkins who were able give detailed guidance on how they work with the 'shadow' to get a perfect sphere.

Allen demonstrated how to turn a winged three corner bowl from a cube, plus a standard bowl.

'Shadow' turning was also demonstrated by Roy who created a shallow bowl from a small Yew branch, followed by a rimmed bow with knurling and a Yew Bud Vase.

Bill Foster showed his 'Stage Horn Coral reef' theme with a number of very reef flora and fauna shapes - usually formed initially on the lathe - and then enhanced with additional carving and texturing techniques.

The theme for next week will be 'A Needle Case'.