415 - Turning Club - Table Lamp theme.

Table Lamps were brought by Dick Hines, Colin Brown, Brian Greaves, Christine Greaves, Dick Tomes (2 lamps), Debbie Piggott, Alf Hedges and Colin King. Their stem shapes were many and varied - classical, square sectioned, involuted, tall and elegant, short and squat and one included a shade with patterns of translucent inserts (from Texas).

Roy Boulton expanded the pen decoration themes with a pen showing flowers and butterflies.

Peter Kemp showed dividers with the 'tricky to make' box joint.

Bill Foster has completed his Yew Vase based display. Peter and Gwen Ashton completed a Tazza and Peter his 'first' display item - a goblet with captive ring.

Brian Inwood showed his soft-closing Toothpick Holder. John Rowland showed a pin bowl and a box with an inlayed lid. Christine Greaves also showed a decorated bowl.

Colin King showed another pen to add to his extensive collection - sourced from Australia this time.

Allen Atkins showed a lidded cup in Apple and Rosewood plus a deeply recessed lidded bowl in Walnut and Maple. He gave tuition to a small group on making a Kitchen Roll holder and a goblet.

Roy Boulton kept busy demonstrating making a spoon, a carvers mallet (from an old bowling ball), and a goblet.

The theme for next week is to make a Wine Glass or Goblet.