Turning Club - 01/Oct/2016

Woods shown included Sycamore, Yew, Apple (wood), Cherry, Walnut, Ash and Purple Heart.

Pieces shown included a male voice choir, a wide rimmed dish with marbling, a natural edged dish in Apple, a Cherry goblet, a thin section coloured leaf form vase, and thin section dish in Walnut; lidded boxes, a paper knife with matching dish plus a set of pens; two pot-pourri, a hollow form in Yew with tall black finial; a 13-1/2in diameter bowl in Oak; and nut crackers with a screw thread in Ash with Purple Heart inlay.

Roy Boulton demo'd Fun Day pieces - a Christmas Tree, a Bell and more ....

Allen Atkins demo'd a coloured vase form, a marbled dish and demo'd turning a goblet, a natural edged dish in Cherry, a walnut dish and a lidded box. brought three completed wide rimmed dishes with marbling. He created a hollow form using very hard Elm - it failed but showed the different internal hard/soft growth areas; he then completed a lidded box in Walnut.