Turning Club - 08/Oct/2016

Woods shown included Sycamore, Yew, Maple, Walnut, Ash, Gorse, Pine, Laburnum, Hornbeam, Oak, Wenge, Australian Red Gumwood, and Cocobola - plus other exotic woods (pens).

Pieces shown included a large Copper Beech bowl (wood from Churchill College, Cambridge); large table mats in Maple; Shallow bowls/dishes in Yew; a set of pens, a large hanging bauble in Sycamore and Walnut; a pink/white pen made using a piece of polyester which was cast for this piece; a Christmas tree in Pine plus a lidded box in spalted Ash; a delicate dish in Sycamore with Australian Red Gumwood lid and Wenge finial; a lidded box in Oak plus another in Oak, with segments and inlays in Oak, Hornbeam and Laburnum; a toothpick holder in Cocobola; a floral display in Pine - turned and carved flowers coloured and mounted in a Pine semicircular form with several vase recesses; and a lidded box in Ornamental Plum wood;

Roy Boulton demo'd turning a dish in Yew, and a large deep container with lid, and more ....

Allen Atkins demo'd turning two table lamps from an Oak post (to be completed) plus a goblet form in Walnut and a sphere in Yew.