Turning Club - 01 Dec 2018.

Woods used included - Elm, Oak, Cherry, Sycamore, Purple Heart, Black Palm, Laburnum, Walnut, Beech and pewter.

Several pieces were brought and shown including - bowls and dishes in Elm and Oak with Pewter inlays; a hanging decoration in Purple Heart; a Christmas themed salt and pepper set with a Christmas tree, plus a honey pot with beaded finish; pens in golden acrylics; an hour glass in Black Palm and Laburnum; a lidded dish with tall finial; a knife in Brown Oak and a truncheon in Beech with pyro design

Tino DeJesus and Allen Atkins experimented with a thread cutting jig, eventually creating a mushroom with threaded lid - and badly split wood...

Peter Kemp created a hip flask form with textured finish. Allen Atkins brought one he had made and them demonstrated turning a hip flask in Beech and Walnut.

Robert Bullard brought a display clock with pill box plus a Christmas figure with tree. He and and Roy Boulton both gave demonstrations of techniques for new turners. Roy demo'd turning a dish in spalted Beech.