Turning Club - 20 Oct 2018.

Woods used included - burr Apple, Oak, Blackthorn, Plum, Mahogany, Walnut, Zebrano, Red Cedar, Lilac, Sycamore, Beech, Yew, Elm, Laburnum, Heart, Boxwood, Mountain Ash and Rosewood.

Many pieces were brought and shown including - a collection of Christmas figures, several lidded boxes some with tall finials others with segmentation and with inlays, one with a screw lid; an owl ornament, large and small dishes in Sycamore, burr Apple, Zebrano, ; a carved and decorated bowl, a gavel, hollow forms in Walnut and Laburnum,

Graham Jones demo'd turning a bell and a whistle; Roy Boulton and gave demonstrations of techniques for new turners.

Allen Atkins demo'd turning a hollow form, a walnut box and turning pewter.