Turning Club - 21 Jul 2018.

Woods used - Berberis, Apple (wood), Oak, Elm, Wenge, Cherry, Brazilian Tulipwood, Iroko, Beech, Silver Birch, Pear (wood), Yew, Olive Ash and Boxwood.

Pieces shown included a pen in Iroko; an Oak and Elm four legged stool; a large Pear and two other pears, natural edged bowls/dishes, a segmented dish (first piece by Steve Hills), three bottle racks in various woods, goblets with carving and with segmentation, ash trays in Oak, and highly decorated lidded boxes with tall and short finials.

Peter Broadhurst brought a complex highly fissured dish in Berberis. Peter Kemp brought a four legged stool.

Roy Boulton and Barry Short gave demonstrations of techniques (hip flask/bud vase, pen construction).

Allen Atkins demo'd turning a pen in Iroko and a sphere in Boxwood. He also demo's spiral cutting techniques.