Turning Club Meeting - 19th November 2011

A variety of pieces were brought for display this week.

Colin Brown created a number of flowers in a segmented vase.

Alf brought a golf clock and a highly colourful collection of pens and key fobs.

Debbie's "ear ring holder" is, in fact, a desk tidy. Bob Burn created a lidded box plus a bowl and keyring & light pull. Peter Kemp created two square rimmed pieces while Allen had created a colourful dish with a colourful and highly polished rim plus a snowman.Jan created candleholders which also demonstrated other art and craft skills. Colin King created a skeleton clock - in Zebrano?.

Roy demonstrated the creation of hats and several members had a go at making one too. Allen demonstrated the way to make a deep hollow vessel with a narrow neck.

Nick Hayward and Christine and Brian Greaves were among the visitors welcomed.