Turning Club - 17/Aug/2013

<img alt="Twist - Geoff Endersby" src="../thumbnails/631_thumbnail17Aug13.jpg" style="width: Autopx; height: 150px; margin: 5px 20px 5px 10px;" class="float-left" />

Items shown include - a lidded urn/chalice, the twisted ring (shown), a large platter, pens, bowls, vases and bud vases, a candle holder, sets of goblets, captive ring goblet, desk calendar and pens sets, turned nylon dish form pieces and a paralam bowl.

Woods used included european hornbeam, chestnut, cherry, bubinga, mahogany, laburnum, yew, eucalyptus, ebony, cocobola, ash,burr brown oak and australian yellow birch plus paralam (man-made).

Allen Atkins demo'd turning a sphere, a bowl section, a deep/miniature vase and pens.