Turning Club - 17 February 2018.

Woods shown included Elm, Oak, Iroko, Laburnum, Cherry, Beech, Lignum Vitae and Sycamore.

Tazzas with 'barley twist' in Iroko, Beech and Oak; a natural edged bowl and a shallow bowl in Yew; a display piece in slate with polished stone and a Yew bowl; a coloured bowl in Sycamore; a lidded box from an old Lignum Vitae bowling ball; a set of coasters in spalted Beech and Laburnum; and an imported 'fun piece' pen holder.

Mark Wardle brought precision cut latticework display pieces with a selection of drawings for related pieces. Peter Kemp brought a display piece in Sycamore and Cherry with precision routing and indexing.

Roy Boulton demo'd colouring with spirit dyes and demo'd techniques for a number of new visitors/members.

Bill Foster demo'd making creations from turned shapes.

Best wishes to Alan Atkins who is currently recovering from an eye operation.