Turning Club - 7 April 2018.

This year the meetings are now only held on the first and third Saturdays of the month - and were partly interrupted by "the beast from the East".

Today there was a record showing with contributions by new and by experienced turners.

Woods shown included Elm, Oak, Iroko, Cherry, Lacewood (light and dark), Chestnut, Ash, Laurel, Mahonia and Sycamore.

A Candle Holder with 'barley twist' in Oak; a "pedestal bowl"; a natural edged bowl and a shallow bowls/dishes in Yew, Sycamore and Chestnut; a display piece from a "challenging" piece of heavily fissured wood by Geoff Endersby; coloured bowls, dishes and hollow forms - with newly discovered colouring finishes. A pen in Laurel and several inadequately named "lidded boxes".

Roy Boulton demo'd techniques for a number of new visitors/members.

Alan Atkins is still recovering from an eye operation but was again demonstrating techniques for us - and there were a number of newcomers taking a look at wood turning.